The Container Specialists – New & Used Shipping Containers For Sale or Lease

The Container Specialists – New & Used Shipping Containers For Sale Or Lease

The Container Specialists – New & Used Shipping Containers For Sale Or Lease

Shipping Containers INDONESIA

Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia is the established leader in new and used shipping containers for sale or rent throughout Indonesia and Asia. With more than 30 years operational experience and expertise and offices throughout the the Asia Pacific region, we specialize in the supply, manufacture and design of shipping containers to a vast array of industries and organizations. From General Purpose Shipping containers through to specially modified containers, Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia have all your container needs covered.


For over 30 years Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia has excelled at supplying, manufacturing and modifying shipping containers of all sizes and types. We’ve built on our knowledge base and used our hands-on experience to become one of Asia’s industry leaders in the shipping container sector. We manufacture, transport and deliver shipping containers throughout Indonesia to private individuals and companies alike, across sectors including (but not limited to) mining , agriculture, retail, shipping and construction.


Do you need a shipping container to store your items? Perhaps you’re attempting to open a new business or expand your current operation and you need more room. Either way, we offer both new and used shipping containers for sale that can help you complete your project.

Additionally our experience ensures that we’ll be able to deliver your shipping container straight to your worksite, home, or business quickly and efficiently. We have a fleet of transport vehicles with experienced drivers who will get your container where it needs to go, anywhere in Indonesia or across the Asia/Pacific. Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia has delivery depots all around Asia and Australia to ensure fast and efficient delivery.


You can rent a variety of different types of containers from Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia. So whether you need a General Purpose container, a High Cube container, or a Refrigerated container for a short or long period of time, we can help.

Our general purpose containers are popular for bulk haulage projects and for most storage requirements because they’re super versatile and are easy to transport and site. 

Our high cube containers are a great alternative when you require a container that’s a bit taller than a general purpose container, and offers that little bit more storage room.

Our refrigerated containers are extremely popular with companies who need to store or transport items at a controlled temperature.  And in a country like Indonesia, where the average temperature is 82 degrees F or 28 degrees C, you can understand why our refrigerated containers are so much in demand!

Our shipping container rental and hire rates are extremely cost-effective and we have flexible rental contracts that we can modify for long-term or short-term use. This is an excellent option for clients working on a tight budget.

All of our containers are high-quality because we believe our clients deserve the best. If you’re not sure how long you’ll need one of our containers for, just contact us. We’re happy to walk you through our rental process and answer any questions you may have.

Modified Shipping ContainerS FOR SALE

When it comes to container modifications, it’s hard to beat the knowledge and experience that you’ll get with Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia. With years in the industry, we can modify your container to suit your needs quickly and easily. This includes adding windows, additional doors, shelving, whirlybirds, ventilation systems, air-conditioning, toilets and much more.

Additionally, we have several already modified container designs available to buy. And if you require a more personalised touch, then we ‘ve got you covered with everything from shipping container cafes, shops, bars and swimming pools, to name just a few. So whatever your container modification needs are, we’ll work hard to ensure that the container you end up with meets any and all of your requirements.


When people think of who need shipping containers on a regular basis, they typically think of large companies in the construction, mining, transportation or commercial sectors. While Tradecorp naturally sell and rent our shipping containers to these larger corporations and industry sectors across Asia, we also offer our shipping containers to smaller private companies, individuals, and families. All at remarkably competitive prices.

Our shipping containers are an extremely cost-effective option that can fit into most budgets, and we make it fast and easy to set up delivery. Whether you need a shipping container for self-storage, or for a special project, our shipping containers will get the job done.

Tradecorp Shipping Containers - THE MARKET LEADERS

Tradecorp Shipping Containers have spent the past 30 years building a solid reputation and a professional, dependable and reputable company that specialises in shipping container sales and rental. Tradecorp Indonesia are 100% Indonesian based and operated, and this means that all of our shipping containers come tested against the harshest conditions that Indonesia can throw at them.

No matter if you want to buy your next container outright or if you want to rent one, we’re ready to help. We stock everything from standard shipping containers all the way up to specially modified containers. This ensures that you can start or complete your next project with the one company looking after all your container requirements.

When you combine our dedication to exceeding our customers’ expectations, our can-do attitude and our quality shipping containers, you can see how Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia is a company that our clients return to again and again every time they need a shipping container to buy or rent. Since we have container depots all around Asia and Australia, it’s easy for us to deliver a container quickly to a variety of locations no mater where you need them.

We have thousands of satisfied customers that buy or rent shipping containers from us, and this number keeps expanding year after year because of our dedication to quality products and the fact that we are always willing to go that extra mile for our customers.

Contact Tradecorp Shipping Containers Today!

Does your company need a few hundred shipping containers for your worksite or business? Or maybe you need to modify a single shipping container to launch your dream of owning a container shop or pop up cafe? Maybe you’re a family who just needs extra storage that is secure, safe and weather proof? 

Either way, we want to help deliver a container (or containers) to fulfil your requirements. Our friendly and professional staff will walk you through our rental or sales process, and we’ll get your new, used or modified shipping container on its way to you quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to get started!


The preferred shipping and specialized container choice for 5,800+ corporations from global corporations to SMEs